Why Do You Need a Virtual CTO

A CTO is a well-trained executive who understands all of the organization’s business processes and can think strategically. He is ready to solve project problems, knows a huge number of technologies, and understands what skills his technical specialists possess. Hire a virtual CTO and you will have an expert monitoring emerging technologies and effectively deploying them in your organization to enable business goals. 

When exactly the company should have a remote virtual technology officer in the team? 

Your organization is growing

Mostly a virtual CTO is needed when a company has more than a dozen workers. In such a case CTO will for sure perform managing functions than technical ones

Troubles with keeping up with emerging technologies

Innovation helps improve productivity, productivity, and get things done in ways that were never possible before. CTO knows which technologies are worth implementing and helps a company keep pace with progress

Issues with technologies inhibit a work process

Lagging behind technological progress can hinder the development of the project and the company. If so, the CTO can help solve the problem

No possibilities to hire an in-house CTO

This may be due to financial capacity. By hiring a virtual CTO, you solve the issue of expenses for the placement of an employee and the payment of various bonuses that usually arise when hiring an employee in an office

There is a need to manage technologies with business goals

This question may arise if you need a specialist with knowledge in addition to the technological side of the issue. A good CTO will be able to understand the internal processes of companies, determine the vector of development, and what is needed for this on his part

You prefer ongoing IT service instead of quick fixes

When problems arise in work issues, it is important not just to cover them with temporary solutions, but to look for an option that will be permanent in the future

What Objectives a CTO Remote May Help to Achieve?

CTO advisory services help to guide the organization by providing the best technology solutions for maximum efficiency and strives to align the organization’s IT strategy with its overall goals. If you hire remote CTO he will focus on technology-driven challenges, foresee the vision, roadmap, and timelines in line with the project’s goals and needs.  

Objectives that CTO helps to achieve:

Assesses the current IT infrastructure of the company, taking into account its business goals, determine what software is needed. CTO has to control use of the company’s resources, thus he can impact future results

Helps to develop a technological development plan for the near future. In large companies, CTO is responsible for strategy: advises the CEO on global trends, helps to make decisions: what to develop and what to leave

Identifies trends that can positively affect the organization. The task of the CTO is to organize the work of the company’s IT department so that it contributes to the development of the business, increasing its efficiency

Takes over the management of the team. If a common leader does not appear between the departments, then problems will begin. CTO provides comfortable communication between different teams

Becomes the face of the company concerning technical vision. The CTO acts as a conduit between the client and the technical department and takes responsibility for clarifying all issues related to the progress of the work and the goals of the project

Develops policies and procedures to improve product and service. CTO understands the challenges the business faces and understands how technology will help. He can tell what people to hire, and what tools are important to use

Provides a balance between business and techno strategies. CTO should keep track of the technology stack and update it in time. A person in this position makes decisions, is responsible for resources, and is constantly aware of the company’s business strategy

Determines how technology will affect employees and performance. CTO should be able to make difficult decisions and see the entire product or technology as a whole

Need a well-qualified CTO who can find excellent technology solutions for your project?

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Few Words from Mobilunity’s Client with Ukrainian CTO

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It was not easy to find a CTO in Switzerland, therefore we decided to look for candidates who would work on site with our remote dev team. We had to build a strong relationship and be transparent on almost everything, so that he could make the right decisions. Engaging with a Remote CTO is not a walk in the park, but for us, after 2 years we can say that it makes perfectly sense.

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Giles Magnin

Founder and CPO of esurance.ch

All You Should Know About CTO: Roles, Responsibilities, Required Skills

Chief Technology Officer roles and responsibilities have grown in recent years as technology has impacted the business. Becoming a CTO requires both a wide range of skills and a certain mindset. A person for whom it is important not to stand still is ideal for the role of CTO.

What Is the Role of a Virtual CTO?

✔ Manager of project teams

✔ Supervisor of employee’s professional development

✔ Chief business-led technologies director

✔ Innovator

✔ Chief operating officer

✔ Tech supervisor

What Is CTO Responsible for?

The responsibilities of a CTO remote can vary greatly depending on the size and type of company. It is important to know if you want to hire CTO that this specialist is an executive top manager whose position involves the strategic solution of technical issues in the organization and does not imply participation in the development of specific tasks and projects. CTO specifically responsible for:

  • Management of the technology an organization uses
  • Taking advantage of any technology that could add to a company’s success
  • Development of procedures and policies
  • Communication to customers, both internally and externally
  • Ensuring the proper balance between business and technology strategies as well as supporting the efforts of an organization’s marketing teams

Required Skill Set of a CTO

✔  Business development: the skill of working to achieve the company’s business goals is a must for a CTO. Quality CTO consulting helps to keep up with industry trends and new technologies, so businesses stay competitive.

✔  Communication: communication between the client and the techies lies with the CTO services. He must be able to explain how technology will help clients achieve business goals.

✔  Mentorship: Chief Technology Officer qualifications must include leadership skills to execute their strategy. Leadership also helps convince bosses to invest in various technologies. Giving inspiration to different teams to achieve company goals is what a good CTO can do.

✔  Coding: many CTOs started as engineers or programmers, as understanding the different technologies an organization works with is an important part of the job.

Looking for a CTO who can bring innovative ideas to your company?

CTO for Hire: Find the Very Best One with Our Help

Finding a person to cover the entire technical part and communication aspects can be quite difficult. If you wonder how to find a CTO for a startup or how to find a CTO to build an app we are here to support you. We can make process of finding the right candidate easier following the steps:

Analyzing client goals, needs, and requirements for a CTO

During the selection of CTO for hire, we take into account requirements of a client. The features of the project are of great importance and we do our best to find a CTO who is ideally suited to fulfill client tasks with virtual CTO services

Screening top talents and finding strong candidates

After selecting a narrow number of specialists, we are looking for the most suitable virtual CTO service according to all criteria and business needs

Interviewing skilled experts who match the client’s needs

When we have selected the most suitable applicants, then comes the turn of interviewing and closing questions regarding the experience and skills of the specialist

Offers to accept and sign

The next step is a job offer and signing a contract with a specialist who is ready to make strategic decisions and can choose a vector for the client’s company

Onboarding of a CTO

After formal agreements, our company always remains in touch to help in the course of work, oversee problematic issues, and keep abreast of the pleasant course of work

Taking care of retention

We do our best to keep clients as well as CTOs and engineers as satisfied and happy as possible. We aim to build the strongest relationships with both sides

What’s so Special About Getting Virtual CTO Services from Ukrainian Specialists?

When a question “where to find a good CTO” arises we have an answer. Pool of IT specialists in Ukraine is about 184,700 software developers. Turning to Ukrainian CTO consulting services, a client can be sure of the success of his project, because Ukrainian specialists are known for their ability to complete even the most difficult tasks.

What makes Ukraine such an attractive destination for hiring IT specialists and CTOs in particular:

✔  Strong technical background

In 402 universities and colleges in Ukraine, more graduates graduate annually than in many other countries. Each year, more than 40,000 students graduate from local universities with degrees in information technolog

✔  High level of English

80% of Ukrainian technical workers speak an intermediate or high level of English. Most IT companies in Ukraine offer free language courses for their employees, which improves their English proficiency.

✔  Best quality for money

Ukraine offers competitive rates for its technical talents. Developers of Eastern Europe cost more, while quality is equal to Ukrainian specialists. Best way to find a CTO software engineer is to hire CTO specialists in Ukraine.

Types Of CTO Specialists Offered By Our Service

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, having the right Chief Technology Officer (CTO) is crucial for businesses to maintain their competitive edge. If you’re wondering how to hire a CTO or when to hire a CTO, our comprehensive range of CTO services is tailored to cater to your specific needs. We offer various types of CTO specialists, including virtual, fractional, part-time, and on demand CTO services. Whether you want to find a CTO to help scale your business or require a dedicated expert to drive innovation, our team is here to assist you.

Whether you’re looking to rent a CTO for a specific project or need ongoing guidance in your technology journey, our team of experienced professionals is here to help. Contact us today to explore the right CTO solution for your organization.

Virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO)

Our virtual CTO services provide businesses with a remote, highly skilled technology expert without the need to hire a full-time in-house CTO. With flexible virtual CTO pricing, you can choose a package that suits your budget and requirements. Our virtual CTO consulting services ensure that your business stays up-to-date with the latest advancements while maintaining a cost-effective approach.

Fractional CTO

A fractional CTO is a perfect solution for businesses that require a CTO’s expertise on a part-time basis. Our fractional CTO services allow you to leverage the knowledge and experience of a top-level executive without the full-time commitment. This option is particularly suitable for startups and small businesses that may not have the resources to hire a full-time CTO.

Part-Time CTO

Similar to our fractional CTO services, our part time CTO offerings give businesses access to an experienced CTO on a part-time basis. This flexible arrangement enables your organization to benefit from expert technical leadership, while also managing costs effectively.

On-Demand CTO

For organizations that require CTO expertise for specific projects or temporary needs, our on-demand CTO services are the ideal solution. A CTO on demand can be engaged to tackle specific technology challenges, provide insights on emerging trends, or offer guidance on strategic technology decisions.

If you need a qualified CTO ready to take on any project challenges, contact us right now!

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