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Turkish B2B Marketplace

Part-time CTO


Our client, a dynamic B2B platform headquartered in Turkey, has carved a global footprint by connecting buyers from around the world with Turkish suppliers. Powered by Magento, PHP, and Javascript technologies, their mission is to revolutionize cross-border trade.

The client’s journey demanded strategic guidance and design refinement. They sought a seasoned CTO-level advisor to steer their development team in India. In response, we curated a collaborative solution. We hired Arkadiy for the role of part-time CTO, who devoted 4-6 hours weekly, providing technical leadership.

From day one, the client’s receptiveness and the Account Manager’s support have been remarkable. The project’s evolution allows me to blend flexibility with my expertise.



The symphony of innovation, collaboration, and adaptability continues to harmonize, shaping a project that thrives on the fusion of expertise and flexibility, led by the prowess of Ukrainian remote CTO.

Swiss InsurTech Leader

Dedicated CTO Managing a Team in Ukraine


A thriving online platform for digital insurance solutions, headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. The client of ours stands as the gateway to a global insurance market, streamlining accessibility for businesses and consumers alike.

In 2017, as the company’s growth surged, they sought a remote Scrum Master to manage their burgeoning technical projects. The goal? To maintain their momentum and enhance their digital prowess.

Enter Alex, the handpicked Scrum Master, who soon revealed exceptional potential. Under his guidance, the company’s landscape transformed. Within a year, his role evolved, and he emerged as our client’s remote CTO.

His dedication and strategic prowess led him to assume the role of CTO within nine months.

Alex is responsible for orchestrating substantial IT solutions, strategies, and architecture. He collaborates closely with the Swiss CEO and CPO while leading the Ukrainian development team.

Alex’s journey from Scrum Master to CTO showcases not just technological prowess, but also the strategic fusion of talent, vision, and collaboration.

Canadian FinTech Company

Full-time Remote CTO


Our client — Quebec-based frontrunner in high-quality industry solutions, celebrated for its impeccable performance and recognition.Company’s journey necessitated an anchor – a leading expert poised to steer product development.

Over 3 years of harmonious collaboration with the first software engineer laid the foundation. Anton, instrumental in product inception, was a decisive technology influencer. 

The transformative year 2021 marked Anton’s ascendancy, adorned with defining product architecture, scalability, and productivity. Efficiency is our client’s creed, and Anton, their remote CTO, seamlessly embodies it.

Anton’s expertise harmonizes with the company’s vision, fueling triumphant outcomes. Ukrainian CTO, a key decision-maker in the product’s journey, shapes the course of technological decisions.

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