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Radu D.

Technology Consultant

Technology Consultant

As a Technology Consultant, my professional journey has been a rewarding blend of strategic decision-making, technological mastery, and constant learning. I’ve had the opportunity to provide critical technology guidance to various businesses and help them align their technological goals with their overall business objectives.

One of my key roles is to serve as a fractional CTO. Companies often find me when they need expert technology leadership but don’t require or can’t afford a full-time CTO. As a fractional CTO, I provide the high-level strategic guidance of a CTO without the full-time commitment, making it cost-effective for businesses. I help them understand their technology needs, develop a robust IT strategy, and guide them through its implementation.

In my capacity as a virtual Technology Consultant, I’ve used modern communication and collaboration tools to work remotely with businesses across the globe. This has allowed me to bring my expertise to a wide range of companies, irrespective of geographical boundaries. Working virtually has also honed my skills in remote team management, making me proficient in coordinating and overseeing remote technology projects.

As a part-time Technology Consultant, I’ve been able to bring my skills and expertise to multiple businesses simultaneously. I help businesses optimize their use of technology, improve their processes, and make strategic technology decisions. This variety keeps my work exciting and ensures that I’m constantly learning and staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends and best practices.

In essence, my experience as a Technology Consultant is about helping businesses harness the power of technology to achieve their goals. Whether it’s serving as a fractional CTO, working virtually, or on a part-time basis, my focus is on providing value, driving innovation, and ensuring technological solutions align with business strategy.



Software architect and full stack programmer with extensive practical experience in a wide range of technologies and tools.

Key Skills & Tools

  • Project Management: Experience managing technology projects, ensuring their successful completion.
  • Communication: Excellent verbal and written communication skills to effectively interact with stakeholders at all levels.
  • Analytical Thinking: Strong analytical skills to assess complex problems and provide effective solutions.
  • Leadership: Ability to lead and motivate teams, fostering collaboration and achieving shared goals.
  • Consulting Skills: Expertise in providing consulting services, including requirements gathering, needs assessment, and solution implementation.
  • Vendor Management: Experience in negotiating contracts and managing relationships with technology vendors.
  • Change Management: Ability to guide organizations through technology transformations and manage change effectively.
  • Risk Management: Skills in identifying and mitigating technology-related risks.
  • Strategic Planning: Proficiency in developing technology roadmaps and long-term plans aligned with business objectives.
  • Data Analysis: Ability to analyze and interpret data to derive meaningful insights and support decision-making.
  • Cloud Computing: Understanding of cloud technologies and their strategic implications for businesses.
  • Project Management Tools: Such as Jira, Asana, or Trello for managing projects and tasks.
  • Communication Tools: Such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, or Zoom for collaboration and remote communication.
  • Cloud Platforms: Familiarity with major cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure.
  • Database Management Systems: Knowledge of SQL and NoSQL databases and relevant tools like MySQL or MongoDB.
  • Data Visualization Tools: Such as Tableau, Power BI, or Google Data Studio for presenting data insights.
  • Collaboration and Documentation Tools: Such as Confluence, Google Docs, or Microsoft SharePoint for team collaboration and documentation.
  • Cybersecurity Tools: Familiarity with tools for network monitoring, vulnerability assessment, and incident response.
  • Analytics Tools: Such as Python, R, or Excel for data analysis and statistical modeling.
  • IT Service Management Tools: Such as ServiceNow or BMC Remedy for managing IT service delivery and incident management.
  • Virtualization Tools: Familiarity with virtualization technologies like VMware or Hyper-V.


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