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Volodymyr S.

Director of Technology

Director of Technology

As a Director of Technology, my experience has been both diverse and fulfilling, encompassing various roles such as Chief Product & Technology Officer, Chief Technical Officer, and even a Temporary CTO.

Serving as the Chief Product & Technology Officer, I’ve had the privilege to lead both the product and technology divisions of an organization. In this capacity, I’ve overseen the alignment of product development with our technological infrastructure. This role has required a strategic understanding of how technology can enhance product offerings, meet customer needs, and drive business growth.

As a Chief Technical Officer, my responsibility extends to the overall technology vision of the company. This involves setting the tech strategy, overseeing its execution, and ensuring that the company’s technology infrastructure supports its operations effectively. My role demands a deep understanding of various technologies and the ability to harness them to drive innovation and efficiency.

There have also been instances where I’ve stepped in as a Temporary CTO. This role typically involves filling a gap during periods of transition, providing leadership and stability to the tech team, and ensuring that all technology operations continue to run smoothly. This experience has taught me to quickly adapt to new environments and make effective decisions under pressure.

Across all these roles, one thing that remains constant is the need for effective leadership. Whether it’s leading a team, managing projects, or liaising with other departments, my role as a Director of Technology requires strong communication skills, strategic thinking, and a deep understanding of both business and technology.

In summary, my experience as a Director of Technology is defined by a blend of strategic planning, technical proficiency, product oversight, and effective leadership. It’s a role that presents its unique set of challenges, but the opportunity to shape an organization’s technology landscape makes it an incredibly rewarding experience.



I lead multiple startups to a successful exits. Strong experience in a large scale and high traffic website development. 22+ years in a wide range of technology stacks.

Key Skills & Tools

  • Project Management Tools: Proficiency in tools like JIRA, Trello, and Asana for managing projects effectively.
  • Cloud Platforms: Experience with AWS, Google Cloud, or Microsoft Azure for cloud computing needs.
  • Cybersecurity Tools: Understanding of tools such as Norton, McAfee, or Kaspersky for ensuring data security.
  • Collaboration Tools: Proficiency in tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom for effective remote collaboration.
  • Software Development Tools: Familiarity with IDEs like Visual Studio, Eclipse, or PyCharm for software development.
  • Database Management Tools: Proficiency in tools like SQL, Oracle, or MongoDB for managing databases.
  • DevOps Tools: Experience with tools like Jenkins, Docker, or Kubernetes for continuous integration and delivery.
  • Business Intelligence Tools: Understanding of tools like Tableau, Power BI, or Looker for data analysis and visualization.
  • Product Management Tools: Familiarity with tools like Aha!, Productboard, or Roadmunk for effective product management.
  • Network Monitoring Tools: Experience with tools like Nagios, SolarWinds, or Wireshark for network monitoring and management.
  • Server Management Tools: Proficiency in tools like Apache, Nginx, or Microsoft IIS for server management.
  • Coding Platforms: Mastery in languages and platforms like Python, Java, C++, JavaScript, Node.js, or .NET.
  • Source Control Tools: Experience with tools like Git, Subversion, or Mercurial for version control.
  • IT Service Management Tools: Familiarity with tools like ServiceNow, Jira Service Management, or Zendesk for managing IT services.
  • Virtualization Tools: Understanding of tools like VMware, Hyper-V, or VirtualBox for creating and managing virtual machines.
  • Operating Systems: Proficiency in various operating systems like Linux, Windows, or macOS.
  • AI and Machine Learning Platforms: Familiarity with platforms like TensorFlow, PyTorch, or Keras for AI and ML applications.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools: Experience with tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, or Zoho CRM for managing customer relationships.
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems: Understanding of ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, or Microsoft Dynamics for managing business processes.
  • Testing Tools: Familiarity with tools like Selenium, JUnit, or TestRail for software testing and quality assurance.


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