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Finding a CTO or looking for CTO advisory services for a company is a challenging task. It is a high-profile specialist that needs not only to have deep technical knowledge but also should share the same business and ethical values. It is also important to find a person that can bring a company to new success with leadership and management skills. In that article you will find all the necessary interview questions for a CTO and a lot of other useful information related to the CTO hiring process.

Hiring a C level professional always takes time because of these reasons. And it is also difficult because there are not many suitable candidates on the market. That’s why chief technology officer interview questions need to evaluate several aspects, including soft and hard skills, technical expertise as well as behavioral patterns.

Interview questions for CTO should underline the cultural and management fit to the business and shared vision for its future. We’ve gathered 50 of them to help you hire the best candidate with cost-effective average CTO salary rates. They are split into 5 categories.

our list of cto interview questions

General Questions to Ask CTO during Interview

  1. Please tell us about your current employment and responsibilities?
  2. Describe your biggest career accomplishments in the last 5 years?
  3. What has attracted you to apply for a position in our business?
  4. What do you plan to achieve professionally and personally in the new position in our company?
  5. Describe please what are you passionate about in your work?
  6. What challenges do you face in your current position?
  7. Who from your colleagues or bosses have inspired you in your career and why?
  8. Describe the difference between good and outstanding CTO?
  9. Can you name three highlights of your career journey?
  10. How do you balance work time and the amount of responsibilities?

Startup CTO Interview Questions for Culture Fit and Business Values

  1. What is your vision for our management/hiring process/business model? What changes would you integrate?
  2. What books do you like and why?
  3. Please describe the work culture that is the most effective for you?
  4. What are the best and the worst things about working in your last position?
  5. What was the most successful team-building event you’ve participated in?
  6. What are three of the most essential factors for you to be successful in the CTO position?
  7. How can you characterize your communication style with your colleagues?
  8. How did you handle your last mistake on the job?
  9. What principles are crucial for healthy work culture according to you?
  10. Do you take professional risks and how do you decide in this regard?

CTO Technical Interview Questions

  1. What is your technical background?
  2. Can you make predictions about the culture of technology for the next 10 years?
  3. How do you follow technology news? What are your main resources for staying on top of the industry?
  4. How do you decide on the platform and coding language for future projects? What are your criteria?
  5. What technological improvements have you introduced in your current position?
  6. What improvements into the technological processes and systems do you vision for our company?
  7. How do you evaluate the efficiency of the technological process?
  8. What experience do you have with a particular technology (AWS, Azure, AI, etc)?
  9. What criteria do you consider when deciding on integrating new technology into the company’s work?
  10. Tell us about your involvement in development projects. Do you delegate tasks or do them yourself? If you delegate, tell us how you evaluate the efficiency of performance?

Questions Regarding Leadership and Management Style on Interview with CTO

  1. What skills and experience are you looking for when hiring a development team for the project?
  2. How do you decide on developing deadlines?
  3. Tell us about your system of evaluation of processes’ efficiency?
  4. What tasks will you start with in our company?
  5. Describe what would you do if you spot a decrease in the developer’s performance? How do you address the situation?
  6. How would you describe your management style? Do you follow a particular methodology on the workspace, like Agile, for example?
  7. Tell us about the most valuable lessons you’ve learned from your previous boss?
  8. What challenges does the democratization of the IT industry put on CTO?
  9. How do you plan the development budget? What criteria do you start with?
  10. How important data security is for you? What are the measures you will implement to improve it in our company?

Questions to Figure out Behavioral Patterns

  1. How would you describe a good working day of CTO?
  2. What was the biggest professional change you went through? How did it impact you?
  3. What do you value in teamwork and what was a recent positive experience?
  4. Tell us what would you do in case of a conflict with another C-level executive? How would you resolve it?
  5. Have you ever worked closely with someone difficult to get along with? What approach did you take?
  6. How would you resolve a conflict in your development team?
  7. Tell us about the most challenging project you’ve taken part in?
  8. How do you react in case the situation goes not as you’ve planned?
  9. What are your tactics to motivate the development team?
  10. Do you have any questions for us?
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How to Find a CTO for Your Company?

The secret is not only asking certain technical lead interview questions but also in evaluating responses. Pay attention to how the candidate describes his work and experiences and the terms he uses. Also acknowledge what are the behavioral patterns in complicated situations, whether they are suitable for your business. A great candidate will be open and willing to share an experience like three CTO’s did in the following interview. And the leadership and management style should be aligned with your company’s values.

You might use the deliverable task to ask further questions on it. Be precise about the technologies and languages that are used in your business. Now you know all CTO chief technology officer interview questions and ready to find a great CTO specialist for your service.

A great tip on how to find CTO co-founder is to delegate this task to professionals, such as our company. We can assist with every part of the hiring CTO process and find the best fit for your needs. Delegating this task will save a lot of time, as we know exactly where to start and who to look for. And you’ll get access to a wider talent pool. You can get your hands on other crucial business tasks while we take care of it.


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